Toasted Sesame Oil

Toasted sesame oil is cold expeller pressed from toasted sesame seeds. It has a distinct sesame flavor and can be used in applications where sesame flavor is desired. Toasted sesame oil is used as topping, seasoning and in cooking.

Toasted _Sesame Oil

General  Specification of Toasted Sesame Oil
 RI at 20°c 1.472 – 1.476
Saponification Value 186 to 195
Iodine Value 103 to 115
F.F.A 2.0 (Max)
Appearance Deep amber, bright & clear oily liquid
Unsaponifiable Matter 2.5%(Max)
Acid Value 4.0(Max)
Peroxide value (mEq/Kg) 3.0(Max)

General Fatty Acids composition of  Sesame Oil

General Fatty Acids composition of  Sesame Oil
Myristic <0.5 %
Palmitic 6.0-13.0%
Stearic 3.0-6.0%
Oleic 35.0-47.0%
Linoleic 35.0-47.0%
Linolenic <1.0%
Arachidic <1.0%
Gadoleic <0.5%
Behenic <0.5%

Packaging Options: As per customer requirement.