Refined Sesame Oil

Refined Sesame oil is very light in color and has high smoke point so it is more suitable for deep frying. It is considered a more stable or neutral oil so will not impart additional flavor to the foods cooked in it. Refined sesame oil is not only used in food industry but also in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. We offer refined sesame oil with excellent nutritional oil profile of sesame oil.

Crude_ Natural Sesame

General  Specification of Refined Sesame Oil
B.R. at 40°c
corresponding to RI at 40°c
58.0 to 61.0
1.4646 – 1.4694
Saponification Value 188 to 193
Iodine Value 103 to 120
F.F.A 0.1% ( Max)
Bellier’s Test (Terbility Temp. Acitic Acid Method) 22°c (Max)
Unsaponifiable Matter 1.5%(Max)
Acid Value 0.2 (Max)
Baudouin Test Nil

Packaging Options: As per customer requirement.