Cold Press Sesame Oil

Cold Press Sesame Oil is made from pressing selective best quality sesame seed to ensure the good aroma and taste to be retained in the sesame oil. Cold Press Sesame oil is derived from the process involving no heat, no solvent and no chemical while extracting the oil from the seed. Cold press sesame oil derived in such manner is best suitable for Salad Dressing, Stir Frying of vegetable and meat and fish.

Cold_ Press Sesame _Oil

General  Specification of Cold Press Sesame Oil
B.R. at 40°c
corresponding to RI at 40°c
58.0 to 61.0
1.4646 – 1.4694
Saponification Value 188 to 193
Iodine Value 103 to 120
F.F.A 2.0% (Max)
Bellier’s Test (Terbility Temp. Acitic Acid Method) 22°c (Max)
Unsaponifiable Matter 1.5%(Max)
Acid Value 4.0%(Max)
Baudouin Test 14(Min)

Packaging Options: As per customer requirement.